We are deeply committed to supporting community organizations across Africa that are focused on advancing the potential of women, promoting entrepreneurship, alleviating poverty and its causes. We are partners of the BOMA Project which deploys capital to women entrepreneurs that are most vulnerable to climate change and Ekenywa which is committed to the universal access of safe, clean and affordable water supply across the African Continent.

Leadwood Energy is guided by an understanding that energy touches every aspect of human life, we have a responsibility to engage in projects and partner with clients who aim to create a positive and lasting impact for the communities they serve. This is how we are serving our communities


Ekenywa is committed to the universal access of safe, clean and affordable water supplies across the African continent. More than 50,000 Kenyans are using Ekenywa’s infrastructure for their daily access to clean water. Leadwood’s Managing Director is a Co-Founder and the Board Chairperson.

The BOMA Project

BOMA Project deploys capital to women entrepreneurs in dryland areas most vulnerable to climate change. So far, the organization has reached 226,000 women and children as well as 12,000 women-owned businesses in Northern Kenya. Leadwood’s Managing Director is on their United States Board.

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